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Apple USB-C Laptop Charger 96W 20.5V 4.37A without Power Cord – White

Specifications Power: 96 W Compatibility: Apple Voltage: 20.5 V Amber: 4.37 A Power Cord: Without

Apple USB-C Laptop Charger 67W without Power Cord – White

Apple 67W USB-C Power Adapter It is compatible with any USB-C device, however Apple recommends using it with the 13-inch

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Pad (Qi Pad) 50W (BHR6094GL) – Black

Specifications Type: Wireless Charging Pad (Qi) Charging Power: 50 W Colour: Black Features & Functions Fast Charging: Yes Supported Devices:

Apple Magsafe Charger (MagSafe) – White

Description Perfectly aligned magnets connect to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro and provide up to 15W of wireless

Apple USB-C Laptop Charger 30W – White

Charge quickly and efficiently at home or in the office with the 30W USB-C Power Adapter from Apple. Recommended for

Foneng Charger with 3 USB-A ports and USB-C Cable 65W Quick Charge 3.0 – White

Description The charger from the company Foneng offers a complete charging solution for your mobile, in case the old one

Ugreen Wall Adapter with USB-C port 65W Power Delivery / Quick Charge 2.0 / Quick Charge 3.0 / Quick Charge 4+ / Quick Charge 4.0 – Black (70817)

Specifications Type: Wall Adapter Connectivity: USB-C Charging Power: 65 W Colour: Black Ports USB-C Output Ports: 1 Main Port Amperage

Xiaomi Charger with USB-A port and USB-C Cable 67W – White (BHR6035EU)

The Xiaomi 67W Wall Charger and Cable Combo is one of the most efficient and safest ways to keep your

Denmen DW02 Wireless Charger 15W with Type-C Cable – White

Description The wireless charger from the company Ugreen is compatible with any mobile that supports wireless charging. If it does

Ugreen Wall Adapter with 2 USB-C ports 40W Power Delivery – White (10343)

Specifications Type: Wall Adapter Connectivity: USB-C Charging Power: 40 W Colour: White Ports USB-C Output Ports: 2 Features & Functions

Apple Wall Adapter with USB-A port 12W (USB Power Adapter 2020) – White

Specifications Type: Wall Adapter Connectivity: USB-A Charging Power: 12 W Colour: White Ports USB-A Output Ports: 1 Features & Functions

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Stand (Qi Pad) 20W (Wireless Charging Stand) – Black

Description The wireless charger incorporates a dual-mount design so that the device to be placed on it can be charged