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Platinet FS5130, Air Duster 400ml.

Platinet, FS5130 Compressed air cleaner 400ml. PLATINET compressed air spray removes dust and dirt 400ml Unplug the electrical appliances you

Whoosh Pocket Cleaning Kit for Screens 8ml

Basic Features: Non-toxic No smell Eco-Friendly No Alcohol 8 ml With microfiber

Cleaning Wipes Defender CLN 30300 100 Pieces

Cloths for cleaning electronic devices and surfaces. Antimicrobial action. Antistatic.

Esperanza ES107 Liquid Cleaner for Screens 100ml

Basic Features: Effective in removing stains, fingertips dirt and other marks from screens Suitable for all the screens(LCD/TFT) The bottle

Platinet cleaning kit for Screens PFS6250 with Microfiber 15x18cm, 250ml

Basic Features: For screens and other electronics Removes dust and fingerprints It leaves no residue Antistatic